Standard CIM15/PSS®SINCAL Interface application

GE Smallworld

GE Smallworld is a Geospatial Information System (GIS), which has a special solution for managing electric network. The solution name is Electric Office and it is prepared for utilities supporting geospatial asset management, data analysis, maintenance, and planning.

Electric Office provides solution for system integrations. The provided integration platform is the CIM model. This document describes how CIM data will be transferred into PSS®SINCAL data model.

CIM Format

Common Information Model (CIM) is developed as standard data interchange format for electrical networks models.

CIM standard has different package versions with different object type content.

CIM standard is based on a Unified Modeling Language (UML) based information model.

GE Smallworld Electric Office application can export its database into CIM 15 format with additional graphic description.

Exported Graphic

CIM export of GE Smallworld creates an additional file for the object’s graphic. This file is in GML format.

CIM 15 and GML export files pair contain the network model with the appropriate graphic.

If the GML file contains geographical coordinates, transformation is needed into a local Cartesian coordinate system (UTM for example).

The application

The interface solution is a standalone application, which can start independently from PSS®SINCAL user interface.

The interface is a form based application, the user controls are grouped on dialog pages with the following layout:

The application GUI


The configuration file is in XML format and stores the rule of the data conversion.