MapInfo/PSS®SINCAL Interface application

The application converts Pitney Bowes MapInfo database export into PSS®SINCAL database.
The interface program can convert the MapInfo layer styles:

The actual MapInfo versions do not support the building of network topology, but the interface application can use element’s graphic as “graphical topology” (This means the connected lines or symbols have to have end positions on same graphic coordinate). The existence of the “graphical topology” is needed for the PSS®SINCAL conversion. The interface program will build the element connection according to the elements coordinates (for example: if two lines have same end position, the lines will be connected to each other in the PSS®SINCAL database).

MapInfo objects have attribute information. The convertible attributes should be registered in the parameter file of the interface program. The interface program can use limited type of attributes (the list of supported attribute information depends on the interface program version).

MapInfo coordinates has to be in Cartesian coordinate system (geographical coordinate system is not supported by PSS®SINCAL). If necessary, before the data export it has to transform MapInfo graphic into proper coordinate system (File – Save Copy As – Projection…).

The application

The application is a .NET application. Microsoft .NET framework 4.52 must be installed for the using of the program.

The next picture shows the application GUI.

The application GUI


The conversion process is governed by an XML based configuration file. This configuration file grants the usability for different MapInfo data structures.
The parameterization rules are defined in the program's documentation.

Extra functionalities

The application has some extra optional functions, which are beyond the data conversion. These functions are created by real user requirements.
The next list shows such functions: