Management of PSS®SINCAL databases

The stored network model is a snapshot of the real network and with time, the difference between the real network and the modelled network would be bigger and bigger.

PSS®SINCAL Merge application helps to solve the differences between two PSS®SINCAL databases with minimal user intervention.

GIS scenario

The GIS scenario is the scenario when the source of PSS®SINCAL network model is the GIS.
The working process starts with the data conversion from GIS. After conversion, there are database changes in PSS®SINCAL database and GIS database too.
At the second timestamp the PSS®SINCAL Merge application compares the actual GIS content (PSS®SINCAL database S2a) with the user modified database (PSS®SINCAL database S1b) and creates a PSS®SINCAL database with the user modifications and the GIS modifications too.

GIS scenario

PSS®SINCAL scenario

The PSS®SINCAL scenario is the scenario when the source is a PSS®SINCAL database. This source PSS®SINCAL database evolved in time into several distinct PSS®SINCAL databases. These PSS®SINCAL databases will be compared and updated. This situation may happen when a team works on the same planning area and PSS®SINCAL database merging is needed.

PSS®SINCAL scenario

Identification of elements

The unequivocal identification of the PSS®SINCAL elements is essential for the successful PSS®SINCAL database merge.
The application supports the following PSS®SINCAL element properties for identification:

The identification property has to be filled and unchanged under the lifecycle of the PSS®SINCAL database.

Merging process

PSS®SINCAL Merge application is independent of the PSS®SINCAL user interface. The application has its own GUI.


The identification rules are defined in an XML format file. The use of correctly defined configuration file is essential for the successful PSS®SINCAL database merge.

The results

The main result is the merged PSS®SINCAL database where the combination of the source PSS®SINCAL databases is saved.
The result PSS®SINCAL database has some extra content:

The following auxiliary result files are created:


The PSS®SINCAL Merge application does not compare or transfer calculation results.

The PSS®SINCAL Merge application is able to compare only those PSS®SINCAL objects that have time-proof static identification. Thus, profile values, transformer taps/controls, network graphical representations, additional graphical objects, etc. cannot be compared. These will not be updated; these will be replaced only in case the elements that are linked to/contain these PSS®SINCAL objects were changed/updated.

Protection device is a complex object, which can contain several other objects. The actual version of the software compares the base protection object properties only (IProtLocation). If there is no change in the base protection object but there are changes in the connected child object, the program does not notice the difference (except OC setting’s type property).

When difference in the protection device is noticed by the program, all child elements of the protection device will be replaced.