L&MARK Informatika develops and commercializes industry specific software solutions for the energy suppliers and for the biotechnology industry. Our staff represent 100+ years of software development and project management expertise. L&MARK Informatika is involved in large strategic industry specific software development projects. L&MARK Informatika provides data management services for Clinical Research Organizations according to the CDISC standards. One of our strength is the handling of legacy clinical datasets in different formats to build standardized datasets for eSubmission.

We are developing and delivering tailored and integrated application for some of the largest energy suppliers in Europe and several small regional suppliers as well. We deliver and implement industry specific documentation management and workflow solutions for clinical development stage biotech companies and laboratories. We provide software development expertise and resources for partner companies in Europe.

We provide for our partners utilizing our software development services:

  • Consulting and project planning and management
  • Design of software architecture
  • Setting up of customer requirement catalog
  • Implementation in planned time and cost frame
  • High quality of documentation
  • Consideration of related standards and regulatory framework
  • Long term support of customer and version management

We have been partner of the ORACLE Company since 1997. We develop applications with Oracle databases from version 7.2 to 12c.

Oracle partner

The Team


Managing director

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Managing director

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Head of Utility development

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Head of Pharma solutions development

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Quality Policy

L&MARK Informatika is committed to:

Everyone is responsible for the quality within the company and for maintaining high standards.

L&MARK Informatika guarantees that all its employees know the company’s quality policy, the quality management system’s objectives, structure and methods of realization.

We seek for long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation with our customers and supplier to achieve our qualitative targets.

The effective operation of our quality management system ensures that the management of the company should take reasonable responsibility for the work performed.

Andrea LISZIEWICZ, Dipl.-Ing, MBA

Andrea Lisziewicz is a founder of the company. She has many years of experience with international team work primarily in German projects in both utility and in clinical research environment. She also worked on design and implementation of technical information systems, on clinical data management implementing CDISC standards.
She holds the master’s degree in business administration in addition to her master’s degree in computer science

Zsuzsa BARTÓK, Dipl.-Ing

Zsuzsa Bartók is the main developer in the pharma solutions. She has many years experience in various development projects. She has been worked in international projects in Germany and China, she can communicate in the following languages: English, German, Romanian, Hungarian.
Her actual task is the developing software for pharma solutions.


János Drienyovszki is the head of Utility development. He has experience in the cadastre GIS development and Utility GIS development. He has been working in international projects especially where the English is the project's language, but he speaks English, Romanian, Hungarian and French. He is the main developer of SincalLib.NET software package, which is our main solution in the utility development field. He has extra experience in the data analysis and interface definition and implementation (GIS-PSS®SINCAL, PSS®SINCAL-SCADA or DMS, etc.).
His actual task is organizing and implementing interface solutions.

Róbert VULETA, Dipl.-Ing

Róbert Vuleta is the one of the managers of the company. He is experienced in the GIS solutions especially Utility solutions. He has developing knowledge in Sicad/Open, Oracle, ESRI ArcMap, AutoCAD, Microsoft C++ and .NET. He worked in the GIS implementation, planning of GIS data capturing, interface development between GIS and SAP, GIS and network calculation.
His actual task is managing the company's developments.



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