Siemens PSS® Product Suite

We are Reseller Partner of Siemens PTI in field of Siemens PSS® Product Suite in Hungary. We offer delivery, installation and support for this products.

With the Power System Simulator (PSS®) product suite, Siemens PTI provides a range of analysis tools, including the premier product PSS®E for electrical transmission planning, which has been significantly upgraded with modern graphics, e.g. integration with modeling tools.

The strategic software product in field of utility and industry planning is PSS®SINCAL Besides electrical networks, PSS®SINCAL also is capable of dealing with gas, water and district heating system planning tasks.

Siemens PTI has also developed tools for maintaining and integrating transmission operations with transmission planning including the integration of real-time information to our PSS®ODMS Operational Database Management System software that is fully CIM (Common Information Model) compliant.

Overwiev of the main products:

The PSS®SINCAL (Siemens Network Calculation) program for system analysis and planning has been created to simulate, display and evaluate utility and industrial power supply systems.Typical user groups include municipal power companies, regional and national utilities, industrial plants, power stations and engineering consulting firms..

With PSS®SINCAL we provide a high-performance tool for planning and design of supply networks for a variety of different fields - for gas, just as much as for district heating, electrical power and water. For this reason, it is eminently suitable for energy suppliers who have to cover a number of fields, such as municipal utilities. The advantages are: the type of user interface and the access and exchange facilities are the same for all fields. This means that cross-sector processing and technical support are possible.

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