System integration

Utility database structure contains several components and many databases describe similar real objects. This redundancy ensues from the parallel databases of the systems. The databases of the parallel systems are fixed and little customizable, hence special softwares are needed for minimize the differently duplicated objects. We can help in the database structure analysis and developing integration solutions.

For the successful system integration it has to overview the whole connected systems, minimize the redundancy and define the common identification system, which guaratees the data connections. It has to clarify the dataflow and working processes. The interface solutions have to match to these criteria.

Integration with GIS

If the utility company has well-structured and well-maintained GIS database, this database could be the best source for build database for network calculation.

The next picture shows how SincalLib.NET application is placed in the software structure.

Data capture

The picture shows the situation when GIS has .NET development capability and one part of the interface solution is built in the GIS application.