Solutions for Utility companies

Utility companies have special IT architecture. There are more parallel robust systems, which have common content but their databases are separated.
The next picture shows this classical structure, when the system databases are separated and the connections os the common parts are managed by special interface solution(s).

The optimal database structure is when the descriptions of the common objects are in a common database and there is not duplicated data storage (for example the address database should be common).
The next picture shows this structure.

On the first picture there is the "interface bus" which solution connect the all components. Theoretically this solution is perfect, but in the real that kind of solution can not manage the differences of the connected systems. More realistic solution when more interface solution exist between the different systems as the second draw is shown.

We can help in the mapping of system connections, propose and implement interface solutions. In many cases the modification on the base systems are needed, in this case the cooperation of the system provider is needed.

We have extra experience in the following interface development: